5 Unesco World Heritage Sites To Visit At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Unesco World Heritage Sites


Visiting places is the best thing a person can do for themselves. The world has great places that we all should visit in our lifetime to get a break of the normal routines and moreover get to learn more of the beautiful world. Some of the world heritage sites according to Unesco that you should visit in your lifetime are;


Rideau Canal

This is a monument that has existed since the 19th Century. It is around 202 Km of Cataraqui and Rideau rivers. It covers the rivers from Ottawa South to Kingston Harbour on Lake Ontario. The main reason for its construction was to act as a central place for the military during a time when Great Britain and the United States all wanted to take control of the region. It entails fortification and also has vessels powered by steam. It is the best example of a slack canal that can well illustrate European Technology in large production in North America.


Old City of Dubrovnik


This is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. At its back part is a limestone rugged mountain and also lies in the Adriatic sea. The small city is surrounded by a huge wall that gives it an identity. The city has many tourist sites that surround it and also medieval ramparts that act as a protection since long time ago. At the entry point of the pile city gate, we have to forts Minceta which is very beautiful and Bokar Forts that acts as a shield from sea attacks. When you are in, you find the Beautiful Onofrio Fountain.Fort JesusThe fort was built in Mombasa by the Portuguese in 1593-1596. It acts as a great landmark in Kenya with its unique design of construction of Giovanni Battista. It acted as a place for the Portuguese self-protection. The layout of the fort shows a great Renaissance of perfect measurement and geometry that can be found in the human body. The fort covers an area of 2.36 hectares including a moat of the fort


Archeological site of Delphi


This is one of the most different art you would find in the world. At Delphi, you find great monuments arranged in a manner. It is magical in that it forms an expression of moral values. It is the home of the female deity of the earth which was worshipped here and had a lot of favor from the early Emperors. Being the best Greek site in the world you are lucky to get tales of the Oracle of Delphi.


Taj Mahal


It was constructed by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal in 1632 AD to 1648 AD. It was constructed based on historical and Arabic scripts. It is among the greatest achievement in Indo-Islamic architecture. Its beauty has combinations of concave and convex lighting, solid and void combinations making it an architectonic beauty. It has a combination of lush greenscape and reddish paths and a blue sky over.